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Frea, The May Day Queen ([personal profile] maydayqueen) wrote2016-08-27 06:53 pm
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It's All Fun and Games

The sun was warm and a playful wind was just begging to play with her hair. There was no way, no way Frea was spending an afternoon like this cooped up inside. And neither, if she had anything to say about it, was Han. (Spoiler alert: she's got a lot to say about it.) So, whether it was from a den of vice or a too-small bunk, she was dragging him out of somewhere and into the wild.

But not too wild. A field, from which there are still signs of civilization on the horizon, full of flowers and tall grasses that bump and tickle against their legs. There were birds somewhere, noisy ones who want to know what's going on. There were insects, too, but fortunately not the biting kind. And there's Frea in her element, which can make a multitude of things bearable when she's smiling like that. Somewhere along the way she found a good straight stick, and yes that's a ball in her pocket however happy she is to see him. Holding his hand is a wonderful way to keep from running off to dance and spin around; nice as those things are, he's better.

Having hold of him also makes it easier to pull him down into a kiss, which she's also quite fond of doing. He can have another of however many they've shared now that he's seen their destination. "I'm glad you came." Like he had so much of a choice. "Ever play stickball?"

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