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It's All Fun and Games

The sun was warm and a playful wind was just begging to play with her hair. There was no way, no way Frea was spending an afternoon like this cooped up inside. And neither, if she had anything to say about it, was Han. (Spoiler alert: she's got a lot to say about it.) So, whether it was from a den of vice or a too-small bunk, she was dragging him out of somewhere and into the wild.

But not too wild. A field, from which there are still signs of civilization on the horizon, full of flowers and tall grasses that bump and tickle against their legs. There were birds somewhere, noisy ones who want to know what's going on. There were insects, too, but fortunately not the biting kind. And there's Frea in her element, which can make a multitude of things bearable when she's smiling like that. Somewhere along the way she found a good straight stick, and yes that's a ball in her pocket however happy she is to see him. Holding his hand is a wonderful way to keep from running off to dance and spin around; nice as those things are, he's better.

Having hold of him also makes it easier to pull him down into a kiss, which she's also quite fond of doing. He can have another of however many they've shared now that he's seen their destination. "I'm glad you came." Like he had so much of a choice. "Ever play stickball?"
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If Han could be the prince of scoundrels than surely his court would be those dens of vice. You'd have to ignore how at home that the man was in a spaceport or on a ship, but you could make the case for it. At any rate, he definitely fits in at such a locale more that most in the Nexus. The drinks. The ladies in tight clothes. The men who were too easily parted from their money. The vapor and noise that was so easy to disappear in if you knew how.

Where he doesn't blend in so well is in the middle of a field. Not that he's trying to hide in it. It's fair to say he's been lured out into the sunny season more than usual and one need look no further than this same field for the cause. The May Queen, but more than just the May Queen; she's also Frea.

This woman has lured him out so much that his skin has started to take up a bronze sort of coloring. Not something he's used to for how much time he spends under artificial light, but he happens to tan well.

"I'm glad you still seem to want me around, darlin'." He murmurs with that smile that practically oozes his personality of it. Or one of the more prominent aspects of it anyway.

There's not a moment of hesitation to engage in displays of affection. You can just look at him and know that he cares deeply for her. He doesn't worry or care who knows it, either. The kiss makes up for all the hours or days or however long it was since they had last seen each other. It always felt longer than it usually was.

"I can't say that I have."
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He could not. There are all sorts of faces that you could find in those little sections of excess that he knows, but none move him quite the way that hers does. No cantina song he's ever heard has yet to make his heart float the way it does when he hears her laughing. And as good as it feels to rake in a sabacc pot late into an evening of cards, Frea has the ability to make him feel far better than that.

"That's exactly why you won't get rid of me." Han Solo, the consummate stray dog. Frea made the mistake of feeding him and stroking him so soon after they first met and now it appears that she's stuck with him. That kindness of hers. It's not as if the whole galaxy of long ago and far away is lacking it, but ... there isn't much of it in the circles he runs in. That is for sure.

He'd um ... he'd have probably tried to draw her into more of an embrace, but she happens to be armed with a ball and stick. It's alright, though. He's real good at remembering what's owed to him and she's gonna owe him a hug. Later.

"Please, show me how to handle the stick, sweetheart." He can't help but make that smile again. The one that's almost sarcastic looking, but so very at home on his features. "That seems important."
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I never liked it all that much to start with and so, I see this as an upgrade anyway

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If she's ever considered that before ... the fact that she shouldn't (and yet, does) play favorites and that Han is among them, is exactly how it occurred to him that there was a person entwined with the divinity somehow. For the spring itself has no reason to hold up a scruffy pirate more than any other person in the nexus and yet, he knew from pretty early on that she did.

It's not as if he holds up high the tenants of spring, either. If anything, by his actions and tendencies he'd soon seem to have more in common with the Dark Mother.

And so, by Han's logic, it follows there must be someone there who has her own wants. It's good that he stops there though and hasn't really taken the logic much further than that. Because thinking on it just a little deeper brings the realization that she has her own desires, but might not have the ability to pursue them (particularly if they oppose her duty). A crown of roses is also a crown of thorns.


As for the state of his waistline, his propensity to eat a few bites and then just ignore food altogether does at least keep him lean. Not as if his activities on any given day usually demand a lot of calories, until it does, then suddenly he's burning a lot of them. His life is weird that way. So is his appetite.

Besides, it's easier to open a bottle or even brew caff than to prepare a meal.

"I've never considered stickhandling so thoroughly." He's always considered himself an expert of handling his own, but he attributes it to great instinct and not to careful consideration of technique. "Will you remind me of all of that when it's my turn? I gotta see you in action now, after that display."
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You'll not hear Han complaining that Frea is looking over him with interest. He'll not look all that much different than he usually does. A white shirt and long pants, because about eighty percent of the clothing he owns could fall under one of those two qualifiers and boots. At least he left the jackets and vests behind. He doesn't have a lot of spare money for a large variety of clothes and even if he did, he has a limited amount of space to keep them in.

But anyway ... the usual clothes, with the usual smirk, looking like his usual self. Whatever it was the drew her in, he hopes to channel it for a long, long time.

He begins to open his mouth to reply with something smart, until she slides in that tease about masturbating and then he's tucking his tongue into his cheek for a moment just to appreciate the well-placed double entendre.

"You make a nice guy like me wonder where his place is with that kind of talk." He murmurs to her, voice all sweet like freshly harvested honey. "And you're gonna need to give up possession of the ball if you want me to play with you."
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To be fair, he likes putting her in his jackets. Not that he's a claiming, conquesting sort of man, but there's something about the visual of a woman you care about in an article of your clothes. No doubt he'll keep the image for himself and the associated feelings for a long time. He's not cultivating memories intentionally, but if he already feels like the day or so between times they see each other now is long ...

Winter is coming.

At any rate, while he wants to question why it's such a cause to celebrate him being speechless - it doesn't dawn on him the fact that he talks a lot and seems to have an answer for almost everything - he's happy to hear her laughing all the same. It makes those lips of his that so often want to sneer curl up into a smile.

The May Queen's explanation of the techniques doesn't really give him a lot of clue as to how the game works, but that hardly matters to him. As it is, he's not realizing if he should be trying to get the ball past her or not. He squeezes his fingers around the ball and watches the foam it's made from spring back.

"Frea, I've thought of something ..."
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He's perfectly fine with this game half being made up as it goes along. He gets the sense if this was some kind of sport she's familiar with that there's probably supposed to be more than just the two of them here. So long as it's him and her, he expects he'll have a good time.

Besides, anytime he's with her is a nice changeup from the usual haunts and scavaging Nexus scrap yards for parts of starships.

"This field." Han gestures with a sweep of his hand. "Now don't take this the wrong way, because it's a lovely field ..." With the spirited way all the grasses and wildflowers reach up to the sun, he wonders if she has had anything to do with the way it's thriving.

"It's just that the first time you hit this ball into grasses and stuff this tall, are we gonna be able to find it?"
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It's a little weird. For all the time they've spent together Han has still not seen a lot of Frea's magic and he's still made slightly uncomfortable by it. Seeing growth in ... well, just about anything takes time and patience. Certainly, the May Queen of all people recognizes that.

He watches her interact with the insects. Mostly. He watches and then he looks away and then he watches again, more accurately. His fingers running over the hair on the back of his head in thought.

It is amazing what she can do sometimes.

"Okay, guess that makes us ready." Han begins to adopt what he thinks would be a good ball throwing stance. His intention is to toss it underhand because she hasn't indicated he should be trying to get it passed her.
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It's likely because it's from her that he's made more effort to be accepting of it. You can see that it's a part of her just by watching it. The way it's effortless for her when he's seen others struggle so hard to cast spells. He's still not completely at ease around it, but he's better than he was.

Doesn't that count for something?

Han raises an eyebrow, but nods the understanding. Throw the ball passed her into the grass or have her hit it into other grass? This is a bit of a weird game and they're probably going to be spending a lot of time following this ball around.

"Where'd you learn how to play?"

Han asks the question just before winding up and tossing it overhand in the middle-ish of the zone she indicated. The concept of throwing at the edge of a target area and not in the center of it is gonna need a little bit of adjusting to for him.
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He's uh. Supposed to get that ball, right?

Since the entire game revolves around it, he thinks that must be the appropriate next move for him to make. Frea happens to have popped the ball up so high into the air that he doesn't even need to run after it to get it. But. Han not being very experienced in trying to play ball sports in the summertime ... realizes there's another thing that's going to make this more difficult than he hadn't even thought about.

The sun.

He stares up into it and completely loses track of the rubber centerpiece to their game. In fact, he has no idea it came back down to the earth until after he hears it crash into the grass and wildflowers behind him.

"Can't say I did anything like this when I was a kid"
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Temporary blindness is awful. It's awful for Han because it keeps him from the things that he feels like identify him as an individual among all the other things a person may or may not do. He's a pilot, marksman and mechanic. There's no way to do any of those things without being able to see.

But there is a good thing about temporary blindness. It's temporary. In this case, mercifully short, which is even better. Only barely long enough to keep him from seeing the May Queen as she springs that surprise kiss on him, but he doesn't seem to mind. Except for when it's over too soon.

Then he minds!

"What makes you say that?" He blinks and starts chasing after her. "I didn't do a good job of making you not hit the ball which is what I thought was the thrower's job."
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Blindness he's not a big fan of, but surprises are good. Sometimes. Unless they're bad.

He has to admit that he's been on the receiving end of a lot more kind surprises in the Nexus than the unkind ones. Not to mention Frea batting a thousand for nice surprises in the presence of a certain shaggy haired space captain. The kiss is just one example in plenty of examples of sweetness.

"You're faster than I would have guessed." Han says, managing simply to keep up with the May Queen. He should have the advantage with longer legs and yet, he gets the impression she would leave him in the dust in a foot race. Thankfully, as far as he knows, he hasn't given her a lot of reasons to run away from him.

And then she skids to a halt because he presumes their ball is near by. He also halts a little less gracefully and takes a moment to appreciate the view. The view of Frea. He's not really looking at the grass. Or for the ball. He takes a few steps closer and places a hand on her hip. The hand gently strokes over her upper thigh.

"I don't see it." He murmurs. And no, he's still not really looking.
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A lot has transpired in the life of Han Solo. Which in itself is a strange thing to thing to think about with him only being in his twenties. A lot more life to go ... perhaps. You can't know when you're gonna die, but in the back of his mind, he'd have to guess young. You can't beat the odds forever.

Anyway, he needs the kindness of others more than he realizes. Frea's particular brand happens to soothe him, entertain him and help him along. He's glad to have her close to him.

"I don't think I could loose my way to this celestial body. I know it too well."

He lets his hand linger for just a moment longer. Even the stolen touches he treasures when it comes to her. In something of a scoundrelly move, he positions himself directly behind her. A lewd posture, but at least he'd not pressing up on her.

"I can see myself enjoying something like this ..."
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Stories? He probably would have liked to listen to them, if there had been some told to him. Though he had been a skeptic from a pretty young age. Was it nature or nurture that made him that way? Maybe he wanted to be in one. He certainly does like to have a few drinks and share ... some aspects of his life. Some of it remains closely guarded.

"All the best navigators have one." He assures her with something of a bemused smile.

And then, she stands and leans against him. Surely as accidental as the way he groped her with his eyes when she bent down. Close quarters never bothered a man who spent nearly as much of his life in a spaceship as he did on the ground. He puts a hand on each of her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead, just beneath her crown.

"Together." He murmurs. "That's the part that matters to me."

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