maydayqueen: (May Queen)
Frea, The May Day Queen ([personal profile] maydayqueen) wrote2016-08-13 10:35 pm

A-Hunting We Will Go

For Frea, time spent with Brienne was like a better version of being with herself. There were many obvious differences between them, on the surface, but at heart, they were more alike than not. They both treasured the small joys in life, reveled in the bright colors of a clear sky and riotous field of flowers, and wanted to protect the things smaller than they. In a way, they were each the smaller one.

When it comes to hunting, Frea always lets Brienne be in charge. Not because she couldn't or wouldn't hunt, but because her particular way of doing so wasn't conducive to having company. She was happy to tag along behind Brienne, helping her choose the most appropriate target in a group, listening to the birds and squirrels, and watching her friend take pleasure in the job done well.

Sometimes she would intervene in a small way. A hand on Brienne's arm to stop her before she blunders into a burrow, a murmur to look this way or that to see something sweet (today, a doe with a bird friend), or a nudge toward the path to their intended dinner. But largely, she's content to let Brienne fulfill her own nature. So long as it's within the scope of Brienne's nature to be pleasantly and consistently surprised that oh, look at that, they found the flock of pheasants awful quick how does that keep happening?

"If you do well," she whispers to her friend, "I shall make you a present with the feathers." As if she needs to encourage the woman to show off.

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