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Apr. 30th, 2016

maydayqueen: (shiny!)
+1 flower child (Frea's introduction to the madness)
Sweets for the Sweet (Mother's Day LOL)
(Drake Kent, skateboarder)
made waves with some friends I know (beach party!)
Porcine Pastry Purloiners II
The odds of hitting your target go up when you aim at it. (Han Solo)
(no subject) (Hermoine Granger)

Very much voicetesting @ dear mun & dear player

Mother's Day LOL planning

Leise zieht dwch mem Gemiit

Soft, aloft, the bells do ring,
Gentlest thoughts they sing me.
Ring and sing, my song of spring,
Through the blue sky wing thee

To the house of budding flowers,
Borne by Echo fleeting.
Shouldst thou chance to see a Rose—
Say, I send her greeting!

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